Outdoor Transparent LED Display

Outdoor transparent screen is a grille-shaped display composed of light bars. This type of display is mainly used in outdoor walls, glass curtain walls, building tops, outdoor advertisements, sightseeing elevators, etc. As a new type of advertising media display screen, it has the characteristics of light, thin, minimalist, bright and transparent, realizes super energy saving, easy installation, and has a wide range of commercial value applications, which will promote a larger commercial media advertising market.

8, 15, 20, 25, 50mm pixel pitchs with 5000 ~ 14000 nits high brightness, IP67, 13KG/㎡

Ultra-light, Ultra-thin and Transparency

The outdoor transparent LED screen is designed with an all-aluminum outer frame, which is ultra-thin and lightweight. The unit thickness is only 80mm and the weight is only 13kg/㎡. Its hollow structure design enables the LED grille screen to transmit light and wind. The entire installation process is light and clean , Does not damage any structure of the glass, the product has good light transmittance, and does not affect the overall appearance from the inside or outside of the curtain wall.

High brightness and Energy saving

The maximum brightness of the outdoor transparent LED screen can exceed 14000cd/㎡. It adopts high-efficiency, high-brightness, and high-quality LED lights, and a power supply with high conversion efficiency. The average power consumption per hour is about 150W/㎡. The product naturally dissipates heat without air conditioning. Energy saving. The product structure is light, the installation is quick, and it is very convenient.

High protection and Customization

The outdoor transparent LED screen unit achieves waterproof grade IP67, waterproof, dustproof, fireproof, anti-low temperature, anti-high temperature, anti-lightning, anti-corrosion. The box body can be customized in various shapes such as arcs and cylinders to meet the diverse needs of owners and designers.

Modular design, Easy Maintenance

The outdoor transparent LED screen is composed of a cabinet and multiple modules, each module is fixed on the cabinet separately, and the module can be disassembled separately during after-sales maintenance, without replacing the whole cabinet, saving costs

Model 8 15 31 25 50
Pixel Pitch (WXH) 8.33*12.5mm (WXH) 15.625*15.625mm (WXH) 31.25*31.25mm (WXH) 25*50mm (WXH) 50*50mm
Module Size 1000*125mm 1000*125mm 1000*125mm 1000*125mm 1000*125mm
Cabinet Size 1000*1000 mm  1000*1000 mm  1000*1000 mm  1000*1000 mm  1000*1000 mm
Resolution/㎡ 120*80 64*64 32*32 40*20 20*20
Cabinet Thickness 3 cm (8cm with power box) 3 cm (8cm with power box) 3 cm (8cm with power box) 3 cm (8cm with power box) 3 cm (8cm with power box)
Cabinet Weight 15KG/㎡ 14KG/㎡ 14KG/㎡ 14KG/㎡ 13KG/㎡
Cabinet Material Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum
Brightness 5000~14000 nits 5000~14000 nits 3500 nits 2000 nits 1500 nits
Refresh Rate 1920Hz 1920Hz 1920Hz  1920Hz  1920Hz
Transparency 25% 40% 70% 80%  80%
View Angle 140°(H)/140°(V) 140°(H)/140°(V) 140°(H)/140°(V) 140°(H)/140°(V) 140°(H)/140°(V)
Max. Power 600W/㎡ 600W/㎡ 600W/㎡ 600W/㎡ 300W/㎡
Avg. Power 200W/㎡ 200W/㎡ 200W/㎡ 200W/㎡ 150W/㎡
Protection Level IP67 IP67 IP67 IP67 IP67
LifeSpan 100000 Hours 100000 Hours 100000 Hours 100000 Hours 100000 Hours