indoor transparent led display

Indoor Transparent LED Display

The transparent led display adopts a hollow design on the basis of the traditional led display, and the redundant parts are removed to make the product transparent and reduce the weight of the product, make the installation more easier.

2.9, 3.91, 10.4mm pixel pitchs, 500*1000/1000*1000mm size

800, 1500, 4000 nits brightness, 55% ~ 75% transparency

Light Transparency

The transparent screen adopts a hollow design, with 55%~75% transparency which can ensure light transparency while displaying video images, and natural light can reach the indoor room. It is very suitable for glass curtain walls of buildings, shopping malls, etc.

Excellent artistic effect

The unique structure of the transparent screen allows the audience to see through the screen and cooperate with the customized video source to achieve the artistic effect of floating display.

Lightweight Design

The transparent screen cabinet is made of aluminum material, with a display module with a hollow design, which minimizes the weight of the product. The weight is only 7kg/m², which makes installation and maintenance easy. No need for complex and strong support structures, reducing costs.

Customizable shape

In order to meet the requirements of the installation environment and different modeling requirements, the transparent screen can be customized in different sizes, arcs, triangles, circles and other shapes according to the project requirements.

Model 2.9 3.9 10.4
Pixel Pitch (WXH) 2.9*6.25mm (WXH) 3.91*7.82mm (WXH) 10.4*10.4mm
Module Size 500*125mm 500*125mm 500*125mm
Cabinet Size 1000*500/1000 mm 1000*500/1000 mm 1000*500/1000 mm
Resolution/㎡ 344*160 256*128 96*96
Cabinet Thickness 3 cm (8cm with power box) 3 cm (8cm with power box) 3 cm (8cm with power box)
Cabinet Weight 7KG/㎡ 7KG/㎡ 7KG/㎡
Cabinet Material Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum
Brightness 800/1500 nits 800/1500/4000 nits 4000 nits
Refresh Rate 1920Hz (3840 optional) 1920Hz (3840 optional) 1920Hz (3840 optional)
Transparency 55% 65% 75%
View Angle 140°(H)/140°(V) 140°(H)/140°(V) 140°(H)/140°(V)
Max. Power 300W/㎡ 600W/㎡ 600W/㎡
Avg. Power 150W/㎡ 200W/㎡ 200W/㎡
Protection Level IP40 IP40 IP40
LifeSpan 100000 Hours 100000 Hours 100000 Hours